Have you heard of pollsters such as Ipsos, Elabe, Odoxa, Ifop, Sofres or Harris Interactive? All of these polling institutes are frequently mentioned in Televised Newspapers. On the net, dozens of sites to avoid your opinions and operate in the same way. These are paid survey sites. Answer a series of questions, it is possible to make a supplement of income every month. You want to know more? That’s good! I explain everything in this article. In a few minutes you can start!

  • What is a paid survey?
    To put it simply, a paid survey consists of answering several questions in return for a reward. Nothing complicated.

These surveys on the internet are intended to collect the opinions and opinions of users, especially for major brands. Whether for the launch of a new product, for an advertising campaign or to know the reactions of consumers, major brands such as Conforama, Ikea, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Renault and many others use these sites. surveys.

By playing the game and answering these questionnaires you are entitled to rewards such as vouchers or simply money that will be transferred to your bank account. As you understand, the concept is interesting but I avoid you right away: you will not be rich with this activity. No, you’ll just round up your fins while having fun.

  • Some precautions:
    Paid survey sites on the internet are very numerous. I will even say that there are several hundred. So not to waste your time with some crappy sites, I give you some tips to avoid scams.

First of all, the registrations are FREE. If you need to pay for anything to start, it will be a 100% SCAM. On the best sites, you will never have to pay anything and you will never ask for your CB numbers. Beware if you offer big winnings. All sites that you know several tens of euros per survey will most likely be fraudulent. Do not be fooled by the greed. Better to earn small amounts regularly.

  • Problems and scams often encountered:
    If there are hundreds of different sites, there are so many problems for users of non-recommended sites.

Many netizens have never had their winnings valid despite the straight surveys completed. It’s the most frequent case. For others, the account was simply closed without the team providing any explanation. Finally, be aware that some sites will not send you any survey. You see, there are scams and it is difficult to register but if you register on the sites I do not mention below, you will not have the slightest problem! I promise!

  • A few tips:
    I advise you to register on all sites that I do not list a little further to maximize your earnings. There are not many sites that are true but they are the most reliable and you will get paid. After, nothing happens to go elsewhere but do not inquire about reliability to not waste your time. I suggest you work regularly. The best is to answer surveys every day so you do not get overwhelmed. Take the surveys as a job in its own right and you have your jackpots grow. Finally, be honest by completing your profile correctly (name, age, address, family situation, job …) and responding! You are free to pose a problem on your profile and to answer anything but you risk not to receive any more polls and to exclude you if you are unmasked. Once again, it’s better to be careful and serious.
  • How much does it cost?
    Sometimes surveys will only include 5 questions, sometimes more and will require more time. You will understand that they do not all report as much. Generally, the remuneration range is between 0.30 $ and 5 $ for a working time of approximately 15 minutes. Shows you that often it’s close to one euro. Working one hour a day, you will earn between 250 and 350 $ per month and more if you do sponsorship. It is possible to earn more money with sponsorship by answering questions.

Enough spoken, I give you now the list that you all expect: those sites 100% reliable and 100% effective.




Launched in 2000 and present in many countries, Toluna is a juggernaut in more ways than one. With several hundred thousand subscribers, Toluna offers product tests that you will then evaluate. Your account will be credited in points to be converted into cash or gifts at Intersport, Adidas, Auchan, Zalando, Decathlon or Ikea and Leclerc. 99% of people recommend Toluna for its reliability. In my case, I earn 30 euros per month but I do not spend too much time. Only people over the age of 16 can participate. To register: Toluna registration.





Present in many countries, this site has proven itself and deserves the 1st place. You can receive polls by email or make them directly on the site. GreenPanthera offers you 4 euros as soon as you are registered. Of course, this site is free and pays its members by PayPal or bank transfer. You have the opportunity to sponsor. Each time you have a new referral, you will receive 10% of your lifetime earnings. To register: GreenPanthera registration.





my survey

My-Survey has also been in existence for a good ten years and you have certainly already heard about it. Here again, completed surveys yield you points that you can convert into gift certificates and cash. You will be paid as soon as you have exceeded the payment threshold of 10 euros. If you want money, you will have a Paypal payment. Please note that 95% of users are satisfied with My-Survey even if the sending frequency is random.

To register: My-Survey registration.

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